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Topic : Issues related to women. Failure to educate girls could cost world $30 trillion a year Context:  World Bank has said that Failing to let girls finish their education could cost the world as much as $30 trillion in lost earnings and productivity annually. Present gap: About 132 million girls worldwide aged 6 to 17 do not attend school, while fewer than two-thirds of those in low-income nations finish primary school, and only a third finish lower secondary school. Need for education: Women who have completed secondary education are more  likely to work and earn on average nearly twice  as much as those with no schooling. If every girl in the world finished 12 years of quality education,  lifetime earnings for women could increase by $15 trillion to $30 trillion every year . Other positive impacts  of completing secondary school education for girls include a reduction in child marriage, lower fertility rates in countries with high population growth, and r

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